We offer the following choices to  accommodate the financial abilities  of all our parents :  



Option  1:  

Prices for 2019

R680 per month for 10 calendar  months without lunch.  (for those with allergies)

(01/01/2019 to 01/10/2019)

Lunch is not included.  Parents are requested to pack a(second) lunch for 13:00. We have a fridge, microwave, kettle and stove available.  Please NO 2 minute noodles! We give fruit and a juice.

On a busy morning you may order  a  lunch from the TUCK SHOP. Mrs. Gillian Swart (074 998 6017).


 Option 2 :

R900 per month for 10 calendar months. (01/01/2019 to 01/10/2019)

This option includes a light lunch prepared by Footprints staff, salad and enough fruit and juice.    

See examples of menu at Programme   (Please inform us if your child have food allergies.)




* Fees are payable in advance before the seventh of each month.


 Important Notice: Remember to Re-Register Yearly at Footprints  

* A booking  and registration fee  equal to one months fee is due before or on the 25 October 2018 .  This will serve as fees for January 2019.

If fees are not payed by the 7'th of each month your child will unfortunately not be allowed to attend Footprints from the eight onwards. Please remember to arrange transport accordingly directly after school at one o'clock.


 Below are the fees for 2019
  1. Monday to Friday      : R680 per learner per month (food excluded) parents have to pack food.
  2. Monday to Friday      : R900 per learner per month (Footprints supply a light lunch).
  3. Daily fees: (visitors)   R  50 per day including a light lunch, fruit, juice.(Please contact us in advance on 082 929 0385 ms. Jeanine du Plessis )



Acc Name:                                       E.J. du Plessis
Bank:                                               ABSA Bank
Acc Type                                          Savings Account
Acc No:                                            2078151547     

Branch No:                                       632005

Reference:                                       Footprints    (Your Child's Name)

Please Note:   Always send proof of Payment to 082 929 0385 



I, parent / guardian shall give one calender month's notice (written/telephonic) to the educators of Footprints, should i no longer wish to make use of the after care facilities.

I understand that:

  • Fees are payable in advance before the seventh of each of the 
  • 10 calender months. (01.01.2019 - 01.10.2019).
  • Should my fees become in arrears, my child will not be allowed to attend Footprints.
  • No discount will be granted in case of illness, personal OR holiday seasons.
  • I will be held responsible for fees until maturation of the date of notice.

I declare that I have read and understand the above mentioned agreement and undertake to abide by the rules


Remember : We may only accommodate a limited number of learners and you can reserve your child's place for 2019 by completing the registration form and paying the registration fees before 25 October 2018.





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